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VOIP | Voice over IP Phone System Solutions

Voice Over IP (VoIP) Business Phone System Solutions

Are you looking for a new phone system?

Simple, Flexible, and Cost Effective;

VoIP is the future of voice communications for businesses.

StratusCare by Resolve I.T. VoIP is a phone system for small business. Packed with extensive and easy-to-use features this system rivals larger corporate systems and is an exceptional value allowing for business growth. 

StratusCare by Resolve I.T. VoIP is built on a simple idea – that small business deserves a superior telephone system without the big business price tag.  We let you choose how you want to connect, using analog telephone lines plus the option of VoIP.


Fax Server – Centralized Fax Management

Fax Server

Streamline your Offices and Save Some Trees.

Fax Centralization makes managing faxes and going paper free easier than ever.

Improve communication and use less paper with digital faxes. Incoming faxes are delivered to email inboxes (instead of being printed) making them easier to archive, search, and transfer.


Mondopad: The Future of Business Presentations and Collaboration

Streamline Your Conference Room

Mondopad - Next Generation Presentation Equipment

Dynamically make your point to both the audience in front of you, and the audience all over the world.

The Mondopad tool is your all-in-one solution to give powerful presentations. Everything you need to wow your audience is right at your fingertips.  

Consider all the different tools of the Mondopad; a large 55-inch touch screen display, a digital whiteboard, a full Windows 7 Pro OS, and a high definition camera with four microphones. All of these tools can be utilized to not only enhance your presentation, but Mondopad also can expand your presentation by allowing you to collaborate with team members around the world with powerful online conferencing tools.


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